The Big Yellow Balls Story

What is the story of Big Yellow Balls?

This site is all about college softball from a new perspective.

There are several good sites out there that deal with softball unfortunately they have become subscription type of sites. There is a need for that type of paid site in some cases in order to find and keep top writers but in these tough times a lot of people can’t afford to pay those monthly charges. So that is why, Big Yellow Balls was started by me.

This is a one person non-commercial blog where you’ll be able to get softball news and my thoughts on different aspects of things related to the great game of college softball. I’m not looking to make money from the site instead to have a place to share my love of writing about softball with others.

I’ve been writing softball related pieces for over five years now both on my old blog, College Softball News along with a year spent writing for the site, College Sports Madness.

I’m hoping to keep BYB edgy, informative and entertaining so that you’ll stop back often to visit it.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, comments etc… on things you like or don’t like about the site feel free to contact me. You can use the contact form found on the site.

If you’re working in the media department of a college, conference or softball related company and want to be included on Big Yellow Balls feel free also to contact me.

Thanks for your time and enjoy BYB.

CW Ross

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