Does Audience Size Really Matter?

Does size really matter when it comes to website visitors? Apparently, it does when considering my recent attempts at securing interviews with head coaches to run on BYB. Not only have I not gotten any interviews, but the request themselves have also fallen on deaf ears, with not even a simple we can’t do it type of reply to my request.

Having been writing on the Internet now long enough to remember when AOL and ‘You’ve Got Mail,’ was the rage I know that things are tough for the little guys trying to get traction. Over the years though I have had success with different website/blog requests that I’ve made to people. I guess the times have changed now though with my recent results.

There are several good softball paysites around but I wanted to have a site that was free and approached things from a different angle thus the unusual name, Big Yellow Balls for the blog. While most people get the tongue-in-cheek humor behind the name unfortunately some people and search engines think it has some sort of connection to porn.

I’m working hard trying to grow the site so I can get more of my request answered to bring you both entertaining and informative posts.

I wanted to let those of you who are loyal readers know that even though I might not be posting new material every day I’m working hard behind the scene to make the site better. I’ve recently started a Twitter site for BYB and got it listed in The Top60 Softball Blogs on FeedSpot, along with posting links to several BYB postings on softball-related forums.

If you enjoy the site and looking for ways to help it grow here are a few things you can do to help BYB grow.

This is the official link to use for BYB-

1. Share about the site on your Twitter or Facebook pages.

2. Let any of your family or friends that enjoy D1 softball know about the site.

3. Comment on BYB postings.

4. You can let me know using the site’s contact form if you have any thoughts or suggestions for new things you would like to see added to the site?

3 thoughts on “Does Audience Size Really Matter?

  1. I am looking to read definitive explanations of the new changes to games by the NCAA Rules committee. I certainly understand the extended days at the WCWS, and the “Out of box” change in rules, but the Video replay befuddles me. Who will be able to remember all the possibilities? Is there a SIMPLE way to put it all together? Thank you!

  2. nedpics says:

    Yes, your choice of BYB is always going to be a deterrent in procuring interviews and followers. That algorithms that link it to the porn industry are a reflection of the minds of readers. A sophomoric name will not help you in aquiring interviews, since the players and coaches largely have a religious base.

    So far, I enjoy your articles and I hope your dedication to softball will result in success.

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