Big Yellow Balls preseason poll

I recently asked for suggestions from our site’s visitors on things they might want to see on it to improve the site. A visitor named Mark suggested we have a preseason poll. It sounded like a good idea to me and a good way to get some discussion going in the comments section. So here is the first-ever Big Yellow Balls preseason poll.

Feel free to add your thoughts about it in the comments section.

1. Oklahoma ( I know they’ve had some major changes but with all the power in their lineup, I look for them to make another run at being top dog this season.)

2. Oklahoma State ( Head Coach Gajewski has built an elite power program for the Cowgirls. Look for them to make a strong run at the Big12 title this year.)

3. Florida Gators ( Most preseason polls have the Gators further down because of some bottom-of-the-lineup hitting problems but with their pitching, it isn’t gonna take many runs to win lots of games.)

4. UCLA ( The Bruins have strong pitching led by Faraimo.)

5. Arkansas ( Head Coach Courtney Deifel has this team believing they can win. Look for a strong year from them.)

6. Alabama (Once again with their strong pitching The Crimson Tide should be able to hang strong with any team this year.)

7. Michigan ( With ace’s Storako and Beaubien Michigan might be able to make a deep run come NCAA tourney time.)

8. Washington ( With Plain you’re almost guaranteed lots of wins.)

9. Florida State (With a lot of returning players look for FSU to have another good year.)

10. Texas ( I look for head coach Mike White to put the puzzle pieces together and have a really good season.)

Here are a few honorable mentions:

Tennessee ( Karen Weekly now has full control of the team and Chris Malveaux was brought in to help with their anemic hitting from last year. Ace pitcher Rogers got some help in the circle too so it should be a good year for The Lady Vols.)

Clemson ( I was really impressed when I watched Clemson’s Cagle pitch last year. If she can have a year like that again look for Clemson to win lots of games.)

Virginia Tech ( With Rochard’s pitching and their hitting VT will be winning lots of games this year.)

My longshot bet would be for the Pitt Panthers to have a good season. Last year was a down year for the team but with some fresh faces and help in the pitching circle, they could have a surprise season this year.

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