2022 Softball Super Regionals

A lot of unseeded teams pulled upsets in the regional’s round making for some interesting series in the Super Regionals.

1.Oklahoma vs. 16. UCF

( I think Oklahoma is too much for UCF. )

3. Virginia Tech vs. 14. Florida

(This is a really tough one for me to pick. I could easily see either team winning it. I’m gonna pick Florida.)

4. Arkansas vs. Texas

( I’m going with Arkansas to win this one. But look for Texas to make it a close series.)

5. UCLA vs. 12. Duke

( I’m picking UCLA with their great pitching to take this series.)

7. Oklahoma State vs. 10. Clemson

(I like Clemson with Cagle and all the power hitters they have but Oklahoma State has both strong pitching and offensive power too. I’m going with Oklahoma State to win in a close series.)

8. Arizona State vs. 9. Northwestern

(I haven’t seen much of either team this year but my hunch says to go with the Pac12 Arizona State team.)

Stanford vs. Oregon State

(Stanford looked really good against Alabama so I’m taking them to win.)

Mississippi State vs. Arizona

(I’m not making the mistake again of under estimating Mississippi State again. I’m picking them to win playing at home.)

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