2022 WCWS Championship


Game one between Oklahoma and Texas Wednesday evening was a shocker as The Oklahoma Sooners we’re hitting on all cylinders with their powerful offensive prowess while Texas looked like a stunned prize fighter who got off a good first jab (Texas taking a 1-0 lead in the top of the first inning.) but then gets nailed with an uppercut from their opponent that leaves them dazed (When Oklahoma scored 5 runs in their half of the inning.). Since there’s no run rule in the WCWS the game went the full 7 innings with the final score ending up being the most lopsided final score ever in the history of the WCWS, 16-1 Oklahoma.

Game two on Thursday night was a familiar place for Texas in this year’s tournament win the game or be eliminated. This time though the Cinderella tournament run for Texas, as an unseeded team, come to an end. Through the first several innings Texas had the lead and it looked like a game three would be necessary to decide things but then a combination of some bad fielding by Texas and Oklahoma’s bats coming to life and the game’s score quickly ballooned to a 10-2 lead by the sixth inning for the Sooners with Texas trying to mount a comeback in the ninth inning thanks to a Mia Scott three run home run leading to a final game score of 10-5. The win allowed Oklahoma to continue to cement their place in college softball history as a dynasty, going back to back as champions with this year’s title being Oklahoma’s 6th overal WCWS Championship.

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