College Softball Related Facts

Here are some interesting Division 1 College Softball related facts.

The average size of a division 1 softball player is five feet seven inches tall and weighs one hundred thirty five pounds.

The average time that it takes to run from home base to first base is 2.9 seconds.

The average throwing velocity for a pitcher is between sixty to sixty five mile per hour.

Most hitters consider the rise ball as the hardest pitch to hit due to it being able to rise up to a foot as it nears home plate.

Right field is considered the easiest position to play on the field while the shortstop position is considered to involve the most talent.

Think your gonna get a chance to play softball in division 1? Only around 1.6% of high school softball players go on to play in the NCAA’s Division 1.

The odds of getting a full ride softball scholarship off those who do make it is only around 5%.

Pitchers are the most likely to get a scholarship followed by catchers and infielders. Infielders need to not only play good defense but have strong batting too. Outfielders might have a hard time getting a scholarship unless they can bring speed to the bases or hitting skills like being slappers and batting left handed.

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