Thoughts on the 2022 College Softball Season

After taking a break to deal with my mother’s passing away earlier this month I’m back to posting new stuff on the site with this being the first new post in awhile.

Watching lots of college softball recently I have notice a lot of trends in the season so far. The first one is pass balls (catchers) and wild pitches (pitchers). Rarely does a game go by that at least one or more of them doesn’t happen. The only reason I can think of is it’s pitchers concentrating more on speed and power on their pitches instead of putting pitch placement first.

Also I have noticed a lot of lazy fielding in games that allows aggressive smart runners to take extra bases on otherwise routine one base hits.

It also seems like I’ve been seeing more obstruction calls in games lately, not only dealing with catchers but also infielders.

This has been a year of offensive fire power and hitting the long ball. This has caused a lot of big comeback wins. Being down by 4 or5 runs isn’t a big deal as runs are being rung up on the scoreboard a lot quicker then they use to be.

Since I tend to watch a lot of SEC and ACC games almost all of the teams in those conferences are a lot more competitive and able to defeat each other on any given day. Both conferences are wide open to see who’s gonna win both the season and tournament titles this season.

The last thing I want to mention is instant replay. I’m still undecided on it in the present form. I like the idea of being able to get a crucial play right in a game but have also seen some painfully slow umpire decisions that really took the air and spirit out of the game.

Have any thoughts or comments? Feel free to add them below.

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